Last June I set off of on a two-week work trip to Paris during Men’s Fashion Week. I had been eagerly awaiting this trip since I was hired two years prior and it was finally my turn. Typically, two teams from the web studio would get sent on a 10-day trip, however the tables had turned and this time only one team would go, which meant I would be writing copy solo. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I had been to Paris several times before, but never for this long and never on my own. My excitement for traipsing around the City of Light by myself, vintage shopping to my heart’s content, and eating all the cheese and pastries I could ever dream of couldn’t be suppressed by all of my fellow copywriters’ warnings. Among other things, they forewarned me that there would be many late nights, long hours, and that I would not have much free time on my hands and that in what little I had, I would be resting.
Boy, were they wrong. It’s possible that looking back on the trip I was riding on my own high of excitement and wasn’t aware of how tired I really was, but I think my energy and productivity was mostly a result of a spread-out work schedule. I got really lucky in that respect. Rather than staying out late every night after shoots (some of which ended at 4am), I’d call it a night and head right to bed. Like clockwork, I would wake up before 10 every day, order my usual breakfast of an omelette and a pitcher of coffee, and head out to explore before our shoots would start.
I think I maybe took one nap the entirety of the trip and I don’t regret it. Every second was well spent (and every euro, too). I visited all my favorite spots from L’As Du Fallafel and Boulangerie Murciano in Marais, to the Fashion Forward, 3 Siecles de Mode exhibit at the Musee d’ Les Arts Decoratifs, and to the Paris Flea Market a little outside of the city. When I found out I was going again later this week, I was excited to do it all again.
…until I got my schedule. This Paris Fashion Week my itinerary is much more jam-packed than it was for the men’s pre-collection trip last summer, but it’s all still exciting. I’m particularly excited for Dries Van Noten – the colors in the Fall ’17 show are rich, bold, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! Can’t wait to jet off tomorrow!