I know I said I’d write more often, but I’ve really been at a lack for inspiration. I guess you could say it’s a mix of writer’s block and sheer laziness. By the end of a long work day, doing the same thing day-in and day-out, I don’t feel like getting back on my computer and writing anything. I’d rather just stick to my routine: gym, shower, dinner, bed.

But it’s a new year and I’m really going to try harder to post. I mean it this time. I’m not going to amplify this by calling it a New Years’ Resolution, but I will say I’m definitely going to aim bigger and try harder to achieve some of my goals this year. I know it’s only January and that in a few short months I’ll probably have lost sight of some of my goals and hell, maybe I’ll even go backwards, but I’m going to put in the good old college try.

I’ve always been one of those people where things have come easily for me. I never had to work that hard to get good grades, to be a good swimmer, to be good at things. I’m sick of being good, though; I want to be great. Whether that thing is writing or some interest or talent I haven’t yet discovered, I guess I’ll find out. Right now I’m interested in writing, about anything and everything going on in my life, not necessarily about fashion.

As much as I love fashion, frankly, after spending more than three years working in the industry, it’s kind of boring. Don’t get me wrong – I love checking out collections as soon as the runway show debuts and there’s no denying I have a shopping problem and that I’m a label snob – but maybe because it’s become such a huge part of my everyday life, I’m a little over it. Rather than sharing solely fashion-related thoughts on here, I’m going to use this as a platform to discuss all of my interests, including fashion, from food (mostly pizza, ice cream, and beer) to travel and just the exciting things going on in my city, Jersey City.

My boyfriend and I are actually in the process of starting up a separate food blog, so I’ll keep you posted on when that comes to fruition and the mouth-watering food pics take over.