You know that saying “it’s like riding a bike”? Well, I’ve never been much of a cyclist, so I like to think that getting back to writing is like riding a horse. I’m getting back in the saddle. Literally and figuratively.

I’ve recently started riding again, and wow, does it feel like I never stopped. And then I dismount and waddle like a penguin for the following week. Okay, so, maybe getting back to an old hobby isn’t as easy as the saying would imply, but it’s inspired me to start writing again. I feel like I lost my creative knack and my passion for writing, so I’m hoping to make posting on here a regular or at least semi-regular thing.

What have I been up to in the past two and a half years? I’ve mostly just been amping up my wardrobe, traveling, and eating really good food. Alright, I’m kidding – kind of. I’m still copywriting at Barneys New York, I’ve moved to a bigger city (with tons of amazing restaurants and new ones constantly opening!), busy eating lots of guacamole, and traveling as much as my job allows.

On that note, I’m going to change directions on here and start just writing about life: food, fashion, travel, anything that catches my interest. I had started this thinking I wanted to be a blogger, but I also realized I much prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it. I also preferred the actual writing to feeling like a self-stylist. I may occasionally post some outfit posts when I know I’m totally on fleek, but I’m going to mostly focus on anything and everything going on in my life and my brain.

So, welcome readers. Welcome to my new, old blog.